Advertise your business with Local Banner

Note: Your image must be at least 200x300, it will be resized, centered and cropped.

Benefits of Local Banner

Having a Local Banner means your banner will be displayed on the city and country of your choice, granting a great amount of visibility in your locale. It is one of the best advertising options for independent escorts, local agencies or escort directories.

Our recommendation

Being said that Local Banners are great for local escorts, they make a great combo with the Top Link. If you want to target a broader audience, a HomeLink Ad will be a great addition, displaying your business on our homepage.

Too Long; Didn't Read

  • Local Banner is best suited for local businesses like Call Girls, Escort Agencies or Local Escort Directories
  • Having a Local Banner for your business will increase your SEO score for your locale, boosting your organic traffic.
  • If you're operating in multiple countries, the Global Banner might be better than multiple Local Banners
  • We'll notify you with 3 days before your banner expires.