Responsibility during COVID-19

It is a worrying time and it is important that we focus on acting responsibly during this period of COVID-19 crisis in order to protect us and all the people around.

We all need to follow the government guidelines on social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

We have been working on some changes to allow advertisers to provide sexual services through a virtual channel instead of face to face meeting. This is not limited just to webcam, it can be through Phone call / Phone chat / Virtual channel.
This means you have to consider using these NON-CONTACT alternative services during this pandemic instead of meeting with someone you don’t share household with.

Those adverts not offering this sexcam service might offer alternative services through Phone, those clients who seek to purchase sexual services that require physical contact are not adhering to the guidelines on social distancing.

Thats why we encourage both users and advertisers to switch over virtual channels instead face to face meeting until government allows it.

More information on what you are permitted to do under the current conditions can be found on the Government's Website.

Safety is important and we have to protect each other.