Advertise your business with Global Banner

Note: Your image must be at least 200x300, it will be resized, centered and cropped.

Benefits of Global Banner

Having a Global Banner means your banner will be displayed on all pages of our website, thus granting a tremendous amount of visibility and SEO score. If you own an international escort directory or escort agency the Global Banner is a no brainer.

Our recommendation

The Global Banner is one of the best advertising options available on Escort Links and it is creatively crafted for international escorts and escort services with a global audience.
If your business operates in only one country we recommend the Local Banner, which is amazing for independent escorts and escort agencies based in only one country.

The advertised page will receive SEO score and traffic alike, make sure your website is always up and running.
For best practices, make sure you promote a page of your website with lot of content, so the users have multiple browsing options.
We believe the best page to promote is the homepage of your website.

Too Long; Didn't Read

  • Global Banner is best suited for international businesses like Travel Escorts, Escort Agencies or WorldWide Escort Directories.
  • Having a Global Banner for your business will give your website a huge SEO score, boosting your organic traffic.
  • If you're operating in a single country, the Local Banner might be better for your needs.
  • We'll notify you with 3 days before your banner expires.