The Best Places to Indulge Your Naughty Side In Melbourne

7 Feb 2024

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The Best Places to Indulge Your Naughty Side In Melbourne

Ever wondered where the best erotic hotspots are in Melbourne? We’re about to fill you in! 

In this blog we’ll be pulling back the curtain on where to go the next time you’re feeling cheeky in Melbourne. Whether you’re new to the city or are a local resident, you’re sure to find some new favourite places in this guide.

Let’s jump straight in and uncover the city’s hottest hideaways!

Spearmint Rhino

First up on our naughty adventure around Melbourne we have Spearmint Rhino. Located centrally, this spot offers the classic strip club experience with a naughty twist. 

Here, you won’t just find your run-of-the-mill strippers. Instead, you’ll find highly skilled, elite performers who are well-versed in the art of seduction. And better yet, the prices are reasonable, making it accessible for those looking for a treat without the splurge.

Inside, the vibe couldn’t be sexier. With mood lighting, private lounges, and themed drinks, it’s a spot that gets you in the mood from the moment you walk through its doors. So, if you’re looking for high quality at a low price, Spearmint Rhino might just be your cup of tea!

Shed 16

For those who want a little bit more than just a lapdance, pay a visit to Shed 16. This swingers club plays host to like-minded sexplorers week in week out, making it the perfect spot to get in amongst the action when in Melbourne! 

With regular events and a range of facilities including showers and activity-themed rooms, it caters to seasoned swingers and newcomers alike! Whether you’re just dipping your toe into this erotic realm for the first time or you’re a regular swingers-club attendee, this club has something to offer everyone.

The pricing is straightforward – $10 for single women, $30 for couples, and $50 for single men. This makes it a great place for single women looking for a good time on a dime.

If you’re looking for some hot-and-heavy action next time you’re in Melbourne, we couldn't recommend Shed 16 highly enough. Next time you’re in Melbourne and fancy spicing up your life, be sure to pay them a visit! 

Speed Mating

For our readers under the rainbow flag, consider getting involved in Speed Mating. Despite it’s funny name, its premise is simple: A place to make new friends/connections in the LGBT community!

Not only is speed dating a great way to boost your confidence, it could also set the stage for a fun-filled hookup. Plus, as an added bonus, these events are held regularly, so whenever you’re reading this, there is most likely another chance to join in on the fun coming up.

Sexxxy Parties

Looking for a unique way to celebrate in Melbourne? Then the multi-award-winning Sexxxy Parties might just be for you. Whether it's a hen night, a couples' party, or even a divorce party, this experience promises a night of incredible x-rated fun.

With this one-of-a-kind experience, you'll have your very own personal host or hostess to guide you through a night that's naughty in all the right ways. Forget basic nights out – with the Adult Party Plan, you're destined to have a blast that you and your mates will be talking about for ages.

So, if you're in the mood for something a little more out there, this is the ultimate way to turn up the heat.

Le Boudoir

Our final stop on this adult entertainment journey brings us to Le Boudoir, a club designed for those seeking intimate encounters with their models. If you're looking to be seduced, spellbound, and turned on beyond belief, this venue is a top choice.

Want to know a little secret? Le Boudoir is known to be frequented by some of the hottest escorts Melbourne has to offer! With that in mind, don’t be surprised if you bump into one when you arrive.

Operating every day between 10 am and 4 pm, Le Boudoir offers a unique daytime experience for those wanting to add a bit of spice to their afternoons. Whether your day is looking a bit dull or you simply crave an intimate encounter, a trip to Le Boudoir is an absolute must.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this seductive deep-dive into Melbourne's rich adult culture.

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