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Elite Links

Also known as priority link, elite listings are one of the simplest yet effective tools to improve your website's SEO score. You can create multiple escort ads depending on the locations you're operating in.

From an SEO perspective, Elite Links are always dofollow, passing SEO juice to your website and helping you to increase the organic traffic by ranking higher.

Having a Elite Link will display your website above the Basic Links, and you don't need to place any of our banners on your website's homepage. Elite Links usually generates a higher traffic increase compared with Basic Links.

Our recommendation

For independent escorts one Elite Link in the main operating city will suffice, granting more search visibility in that area.

For escort agencies we recommend one Elite Link per operating city to get a maximum boost.

The local escort directories should opt-in for a Top Link or a Local Banner.

The international escort directories should check out the HomeLink Ad and the Sitewide Banner.

Terms & Conditions

  • If your website is listed but becomes unavailable in the future it will be deactivated.
  • Your website will be deactivated if it's content changes, making it inappropriate or unrelated to our directory.
  • We may modify any names or descriptions you submit in any way we consider necessary.