How To Leave A Good Impression And Get A Chance To See The Same Escort Again

21 Aug 2020

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How To Leave A Good Impression And Get A Chance To See The Same Escort Again

Before I hired an escort for the first time, I didn't even imagine it was possible to hire the same girl more than once. Luckily, I met an amazing escort pretty quickly and we saw each other a couple of times before she clearly told me she wouldn't see me anymore. I wasn't sure what I did or what was the reason for a reaction such as that so I had to ask her. She told me that even though I was a gentleman most of the time, there were things that I shouldn't have done while I was with her and that's the reason why she doesn't want to see me anymore. The escort I was seeing decided not to see me anymore because I joked around a couple of times with her about getting a free date or service with her. She even tried telling me discretely but when I continued joking like that, she ended up terminating our agreement. At that moment, I realized that there are certain rules everyone should follow not to experience an awkward situation as I did. After this happened, I took the time to do a little research on the unspoken rules of hiring escorts. I was surprised to find so many things I did wrong during the first couple of times I was with an escort.
Some rules are more important than other rules, so I'll mention only a couple I think are the most important.

Hygiene Is The Most Important Thing

Thankfully, this rule I didn't break once. Every time I was to meet an escort, I had a shower as late as I could so I would be on time. After doing a lot of research, I found that hygiene is actually the first and most important thing escorts notice when they see a client. I didn't even think about this until just recently and I can honestly say that it's pretty logical that it's such an important thing. Just imagine the hottest girl you can who has a funky smell. You would quickly lose all the sexual appetite you had until then!

Under No Circumstances Change The Arrangement Once You Met The Escort

I know that people get nervous when they go to meet an escort and so was I the first couple of times. The very first time I was with an escort, not only was I nervous, but I forgot what our agreement was. The girl had to tell me a couple of times that a particular position or service I asked for wasn't part of the deal and that actually made the experience a lot worse than I expected. After our session, the girl told me that she realized I was pretty nervous and a first-timer so she told me what we agreed on, but if she knew I was just trying to get more out of my time with her, she would've ended the date then and there. Changing the terms of the date is one of the things escorts hate the most. Hiring an escort is completely different to getting hookups.
Escorting is a business like any other so once you arrange an agreement with the girl you like, that's exactly what you can expect. Nothing less, nothing more.

Always Treat The Escort Like You Would Any Other Girl

A lot of guys I know have made this mistake and never actually saw the same escort more than once. Since I was a kid, I was taught to treat everyone with respect and I did the same every time I was with an escort. I realized that I could see every single one of them again and I knew it was because I treated them the way I should. Even though I met them because I was looking for sex, I treated them with respect so not only did I get the chance to hire the same escort several times, but I noticed that they were treating me better as well. A bunch of my friends who also like hiring escorts from time to time has made the mistake of treating escorts like they're only sexual objects.
This has led to them having trouble finding new escorts to hire while I can hire any girl I hired before.

Don't Expect Escorts To Treat You Different Than Any Other Client

One of the biggest issues people have with escorts is that they don't feel like they're being treated special. I know I expected to be treated special after a few dates with the same escort but then I realized that it's her job and that there are absolutely no emotions between us. Because I treated every escort well, I got treated well, but not better than any other client who treated them the way that I did. I've actually had a problem with the first escort I hired because I expected more from her after we saw each other a couple of times. I was still unaware of the rules when it comes to escorts and as I said, I started joking with her with topics I should have mentioned so many times. She ended up rejecting to see me after a couple of times because I thought we had a special relationship. It was a rookie mistake to think that I was in any way special - she was just doing her job and doing it very well. I realized that I should look into sugar daddy dating because I wanted to have a girl to go out with but with no emotional attachment. This way, I knew I could be a lot more relaxed and after getting an amazing job promotion, I wanted to start the high-roller lifestyle as soon as possible!

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