The Best Way To Find The Ideal Escort

18 Aug 2020

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The Best Way To Find The Ideal Escort

The Best Way To Find The Ideal Escort

I was pretty young when I first hired an escort and it was only because I was too afraid to approach girls. All my friends lost their virginity before me and I was really feeling left out because of it. I decided to hire an escort after a long and exhausting period trying to find a girl to have sex with. It eventually happened but the experience was horrible because both of us were inexperienced. My idea to hire an escort was still there so I continued my search for the ideal escort.

Reviews Are A Goldmine When It Comes To Information

At first, I didn't even know where to look for escorts. I used Google at first but quickly realized that I wouldn't find a good enough source to find the right escort. I came across a few escort agency websites but I still couldn't find the right girl for me. After a month of searching, I came across an escort directory with thousands of escort profiles. I was pretty sure I'd find the right girl here, especially because there were more than a couple of thousand profiles just in London where I live. I found out that almost every escort I liked had reviews written about them by their previous clients so I started reading them, gathering all the information I needed. The London escort reviews ended up having more valuable information than the entire profile. The personal experiences from previous clients usually included information that the profiles didn't and it helped me so much to get closer to picking the first escort I'll hire.

Pick Agency Girls Instead Of Independent Escorts

The thing I realized while reading hundreds of reviews was that most people were a lot more satisfied when they were seeing agency escorts. The first escort I ended up hiring was from a reputable agency and I couldn't have been more satisfied. Even though I didn't have much experience, this escort knew exactly how to treat me and how to make my first experience unforgettable. Even before I decided to hire an escort in the first place, I heard a lot of stories about independent escorts and how it's not uncommon that they do the bait and switch. It means that they create a profile with fake photos and a completely different person appears on the date and requests the agreed amount of money. You can't be protected against this unless there's an agency that guarantees you'll meet exactly the girl you saw in the photos! I didn't want to risk my first time with a negative experience so I filtered out all the independent escorts and left only girls who worked through reputable agencies. This really narrowed down my search and made it a lot easier to find a girl who will satisfy me completely!

Use Escort Directories Instead Of Searching For Agencies One At A Time

For the first couple of weeks since I started looking for escorts, I tried to find an agency from which I'd hire an escort. I quickly realized it was really hard to find an escort this way because agencies usually don't have more than a dozen escorts in their portfolio. At one point I had over fifty escort profiles bookmarked in my browser and I still wasn't sure which one I'd pick. I knew there had to be an easier way to find escorts all in one place and soon enough, I found an escort directory with more than a hundred thousand escorts from all over the UK. What made it really incredible is that every escort directory I found has advanced search options and filters so I could easily find girls that matched all my requirements! After including all the requirements, the search results displayed a significantly lower number of profiles. All I did after that was to read their reviews and I knew I had found the ideal escort!

The Most Important Thing Is To Know Exactly What You Want

One of the biggest problems I had when I started looking for an escort was that I didn't know what I wanted so I thought about hiring every single escort who I found attractive at the time. Because I was looking only for girls I found attractive, I had a huge number of profiles to go through and it took too much of my time. The few girls I could pick out that looked the best weren't flexible when it came to the services I was looking for. I knew that the less I knew what I wanted, the harder it would be to find the ideal escort. The more I knew I wanted, the easier it got to find the escort that would satisfy all of my needs. Little by little, I realized what I wanted and when I used more filters in my search, the easier it was to find girls that matched my requirements. Thankfully, I had the escort directory that offers a bunch of filters so I could think about the things I wanted and didn't want.

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